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Munay Ki Rites




Munay Ki

The Nine Great Rites of Initiation of the Medicine Way

The Munay Ki Rites are a set of Nine Great Rites of Initiation. They are the keys to our evolution, these energetic processes informs our human Luminous Energy Field transcending us; our DNA, our body, our soul, so we can be who we are becoming.......  Homo Luminous.

• The consciousness of the universe is transforming, touching everything in its existence; time, physics, biology, our planet, humanity, our children, our fields..... The world is going through epic and global changes, prophesized by Ancient Elders of the Earth, you can feel it all around you, in the air, in your heart, you can see it on the news, you can see it outside your window....... We are the ones we have been waiting for, it’s time for us all to step into our destiny.

• The Karpay rites are rites of passage, nine initiations that have been passed down through the lineage of the shaman priests of the Q’ero people of Peru during the last glacial period 15’000 years ago. These shaman priests are Medicine men and women who have until recent times kept these sacred initiations. These Karpay rites have been stripped of some of their Q’ero traditions, and are called simply 'The Munay Ki Rites'. These rites are still given in the traditional way, during shamanic training initiations, but the Munay Ki rites are much more simpler, much more clean, it is energy work for everyone. Today they are available to anyone who ‘shows up’ to receive them, honoring and accepting their guardianship of all of creation becoming co-creators of the infinite.


The Rites

The 4 Foundation Rites

Healer’s Rites

  • Connects you to a lineage of luminous beings who come to assist you in your personal transformation. Awakens the healing power in your hands so that everyone you touch is blessed. There is tremendous spiritual assistance available, and these luminous ones work in our sleep to heal the wounds of the past and of our ancestors.

Bands of Power

  • Five luminous belts that are woven into the luminous energy field (LEF) for protection. They act as filters, breaking down any negative energy that comes towards the person into one of the five elements. These energies then feed your LEF instead of making you unwell.

Harmony Rite

  • Transmission of the seven Archetypes into the chakras. First you receive serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle; next you receive three archangels, the Keeper of the Lower World (our unconscious), the Keeper of the Middle World (our waking world) and the Protector of the Upper World (our super conscious).

Seers Rite

  • An external neurological pathway of light, connecting the visual cortex with the third eye and heart chakra. This awakens the ‘Inner Seer’ and your ability to perceive the invisible world.


The 3 Lineage Rites

Day Keeper's Rite

  • You connect to a lineage of master healers from the past. Daykeepers are able to call on the ancient altars to heal and bring balance to the earth, call on the sun to rise each day, and bring humans into harmony with Mother Earth. They are the midwives, herbalists and curanderas. This rite helps you begin to heal your inner feminine, step beyond fear and practise peace.

Wisdom Keeper's Rite

  • You connect to a lineage of luminous beings from the past and the future. This rite is associated with the snow-capped mountains, perhaps a distant memory of our ancestors from the Himalayas. This rite helps you to begin to heal your inner masculine, step outside of time, become steeped in the medicine teachings and taste infinity.

Earth Keeper's Rite

  • This rite connects you to the archangels who are the guardians of our galaxy, stewards of all life on Earth. This rite connects you to the stars, and to the sun, our local star. It helps you learn the ways of the seer and dream the world into being.


The 2 Transformational Rites

Star Keeper's Rite

  • This rite anchors you safely to the time after the great change, said to occur around 2012. Your physical body begins to evolve into homo luminous, the aging process slows down, your DNA is re-informed, and you become more resistant to disease.

Creator Rite

  • Awakens the Creator-light within and brings forth a sense of stewardship for all creation, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies in the universe. Once attained only through direct transmission from Spirit, it is now possible to transmit from one person to another.


And finally we are given the gift of Grace. To link with the Source of All, to fly wing to wing with Great Spirit, to dream our world into being with grace, love and beauty. To be co-creators with Spirit, and know the ultimate truth of who we are..........

We are consciously stepping into our becoming, to that of the Homo Luminous. We receive these rites in seed form, it is up to us to grow them with the shamanic tools provided such as sacred breath, fire ceremony, and by simply sharing them.

As you work to grow these rites you’ll be touched and blessed by angels. You simply need to open yourself to the wisdom of the Earth Keepers, and all will be bestowed upon you.