Sand Painting

Munay Ki Rites



I am.

I am Shaman.

I am Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle.

• Once, during one of my Initiations at a Sacred Fire. I've been asked by one of my teachers, for my contribution as a Shaman. I asked the Spirits for advice and they whispered to me the greatest contribution I could make, and with that their greatest and most precious gift to me,

"I am".

• Shamanism for me is a way of life, a state of being, I am Shaman... We, my family and me, are Mιtis People, descendents of the Cree People of Canada. It's in my blood why I've always been fascinated by the ways of Spirit and the Medicine Peoples. I am Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle. I am Shaman.

• After being "struck by lightning" three times, I experienced a rebirth and a full recovery. A new path had to be discovered. As Serpent I had to shed my attachment to my personal past, the way the Serpent sheds her skin, took the lessons from my experiences so I didn't have to keep repeating them, transformed my deepest wounds into sources of power and compassion to fuel my journey and reinvent my life. Now it is time. Time to come out of the dark, to step into my life. Time to step into who I truly am, into my destination. Time to step into the light, fully present.

I am Shaman. I am.


My Prayers

My offers

To the winds of the South, Sachamama Mother Serpent, wrap your coils of light around us.
Show us the way of the Healer, show us how to shed that which no longer serves us like you shed your skin in one motion.
Teach us to walk with our belly upon the earth.

• As Serpent I offer you my services to shed your skin. To shed the ancestral baggage you inherited and to break free from the generational plagues and patterns that are passed down from parent to child. To embrace the lessons from your experiences given to you so you don't have to keep repeating them. To transform your deepest wounds into sources of power and compassion to refuel your journey and reinvent your life.

To the winds of the West, Otorongo Mother/Sister Jaguar, circle around and protect our Medicine Space.
You who have seen the birth and death of galaxies show us the ways of the Luminous Warrior with no enemies in this world or the next.
Show us the way of impeccability and integrity, the way beyond fear and death.

• As Jaguar I offer you my services to break free from the grip of fear and take the journey beyond death to bring closure to what has been and allowing to step into a new life of your choice.  To see what needs to be seen so you can embrace it. To see beyond the dark, to see into the light. To walk fearless. To walk in beauty without causing ripples, without leaving tracks.

To the winds of the North, Cyrakenti Royal Hummingbird, you who know the journey of the soul, show us your ways.  Teach us how to have stillness in flight, how to trust our tiny wings to cross great oceans. Show us that leap of faith on the journey of our soul, drinking from the deepest nectar, sourcing from the sweetest flowers.

• As Royal Hummingbird I offer you my services to journey to Infinity, that place outside of time and space where all possibility and wisdom exists, to engage with the living fabric of the Universe.  To fly from flower to flower, drinking from the nectar of life. Not to worry about the next flower with nectar. It will be there, waiting for you!

To the winds of the East, Apucheen Great Eagle and Mighty Condor, bring your high clear vision, show us how to rise high above the drama of everyday life, how to soar on those updrafts, how to see who we are becoming 10,000 years from now.  Show us the place of my becoming.

• As Eagle I offer you my services to fly. To fly together. Wingtip to wingtip to places we even don't dear to dream of. I will hold Sacred Space for you. I will take you under my wing if you need me to. I will take you on my back if you're tired. We will go to that snowy peaked mountains, that lush place, that Vision. Together, you and me.

To Pachamama Sweet Mother Earth,
hold us sweetly dear Mother.
Remind us of our connection so that all we do we may do in harmony with you for we come for the healing of all our relations. For the two legged and four legged, creepy crawly, finned feathered and furred, plant nations and stone nations all our relations.

To Father Sky, Tai Tai Inti Grandfather Sun, Mama Killa Grandmother Moon, Chaska Kuna Star Brothers and Sisters, shine your light upon us, you who are known by a thousand names and yet remain the unnamable one, thank you for letting us sing and dance this song of life one more day.