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The Healing Processes

There are many tools available to the Shaman. Some of the healing processes are mentioned below, but like all people, every case is individual, and I have many other tools I can use. Some of the below mentioned processes can be used in a single session, it all depends on what comes up!
Allow yourself to go where you need to go. Allow yourself to happen what needs to be happen!

The Illumination Process

• Your life is a "story" which you can write yourself but it can happen that you are blocked by heavy energy, heavy energy imprints and/or emotional triggers. These imprints and triggers brings more of the same. The same illnesses, the same traumatic relationships, the same dramas. Ask yourself the question; "Do I suffer of repeating traumatic events and why is this happening over and over again to me?" Removing these imprints and triggers liberates you to create your new story. When these imprints has been there for a long time they can become a kind of solid and they can block your own energy flow and integrates with your own energy field. This solid energy blocks your life path and eventually can cause illness. Removing this energy brings about great healing and can be a big transformation in your life. In this process we will remove these imprints and triggers and we will replace them with pure light and pure potential so new stories can be created and new life can be written. Heavy energy will be removed and with dignity and grace sent home back to Great Spirit, so you are free from lifelessness and able to dream a new life for yourself. You may need an Illumination if you suffer of repeating traumatic events, you find yourself living someone else’s life, your energy and life force is drained, or you mysteriously find yourself living with an illness.

Soul Retrieval

• This beautiful piece of work is iconic in shamanic practices and re-introduces you with your lost soul pieces. Pieces of energy from your energy field that splintered off during trauma, either in this life or in a previous one. Weaving this vital pieces of energy back into your energy field brings back wholeness, power, creativity and strength, and is great fun to do! You may need a Soul Retrieval if you sense you're not complete, like a part of you is missing.
Stone Readings

• Stones hold many stories. A stone reading can help you gain insights into questions you have about life. Sitting by the light of a fire, listening to the stories the stones have to tell is an enchanting and intriguing experience. Great fun for those who are just a bit curious about shamanism. You may need a Stone Reading if you are in need of insight into questions about your life.